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Our Journey Continues – Is an exploration of life after a successful claim for asylum in Glasgow.  


There is public misconception that people travel to the UK in the search for an easy life. Life is anything but easy.

When someone who is seeking asylum is granted refugee status, there can be a whole new set of challenges and obstacles to overcome.  Any financial or accommodation support that was provided by the Home Office is withdrawn and people need to explore other avenues, searching for work, accommodation and a place to belong.


The process of transitioning from the status of a person seeking asylum to a refugee can be a daunting experience.  People face social and cultural challenges adjusting to their new home and integrating with society.  

This narrative is explored in short video clips that were developed as part of a project in the aftermath of the recent Covid-19 pandemic.  

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Participant A's story

Participant B's story

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The Health Improvement Team and The Asylum Health Bridging Team have produced a directory which was developed in response to addressing social isolation.  

[Directory link here]

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Director: Christopher T McGill
Director of Photography : Simon Murphy 
Producer: Moya Crowley 
Edited by: Christopher T McGill 
Music by: Jon Yuill 
Time based art: Christopher McGill & Simon Murphy

Thank you to:
Govan Community Project Volunteers
Govan Community Project
With thanks to Mohammed

Aileas Pringle – Community Development Worker
Traci Kirkland – Head of Govan Community Project 
Moya Crowley – Head of The Portal Arts 
Glasgow South Health Improvement Team 

Funded by:
Glasgow Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP)
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About Us

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Govan Community Project (Scottish Charity No: SC042012) is a community-based organisation working in south west Glasgow. GCP provides direct services such as weekly drop-ins, advice, information and advocacy, cultural events, a community flat, English classes, destitution food project, hate-crime reporting and an interpreting service.


In addition the network facilitates forums bringing together public, voluntary and community organisations with local people to help plan public services, promote equal rights and opportunities and cross-cultural understanding, and to build bonds and links within and between communities.


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The Portal Arts (formerly Plantation Productions) is an arts & media charity, embedded in the Govan community in Glasgow. The Portal Arts manages the Making Art Matter Programme, delivering participatory arts activity and events across the South West of Glasgow. Working in partnership with local services, organisations and community groups the programme engages with vulnerable adults, children & young people to improve opportunities and conditions for people and families who reside in areas of multiple deprivations. The Making Art Matter programme is designed to be inclusive and accessible, using the arts and media as a tool for social and physical regeneration.



Glasgow South Health Improvement Team - Glasgow Health and Social Care Partnership (GHSCP)

Health Improvement Teams work to understand and respond to the health needs of local communities.  The main aim of health improvement work is to generate and sustain good health and to reduce health inequalities.  


This requires a long-term approach to work that relies on community participation and partnership working with other agencies and voluntary sector organisations.  We have a strong focus on population groups who can be viewed as being more vulnerable to health inequalities.  


Awareness raising and participatory projects are just some of the approaches we take from a range of health promotion methods.  South Health Improvement Team are committed to highlighting the challenges experienced by local Asylum Seeker and Refugee Communities.  The HSCP provides services dedicated to communities via the Asylum Health Bridging Team, The Anchor Service and Social Work's Asylum and Refugee Service. 


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